My West Yorkshire Survey

I believe the role of Mayor is about listening to the views of residents across West Yorkshire. I'm always keen to hear people's views, get their feedback and explore their ideas. With that in mind I'm asking people to fill in my 'West Yorkshire Survey' so I can hear from you.

West Yorkshire Residents Survey

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1.1 Do you feel tackling knife crime, violent crime, drugs offences and burglary are being prioritised in West Yorkshire?
1.2 Do you believe frontline Police Officers should be able to carry a taser to help protect themselves and the public?
1.3 Matthew wants road safety plans for each community in West Yorkshire that show where the police are taking action and where the council are making improvements so that residents can contribute and hold agencies to account. Do you agree?
1.4 The new West Yorkshire Mayor will have the power to levy new taxes on homes and businesses. Do you agree with Matthew that people are struggling following the pandemic and there should not be new local taxes introduced by the Mayor?
1.5 Are local taxes, including Council tax, too high?
1.6 Do you feel public transport is working well in West Yorkshire?
1.7 Would you support a new mass transit system for the whole of West Yorkshire?
1.9 To help West Yorkshire build back better do you think the new mayor should improve apprenticeships and skills training for the young and long term unemployed?
1.10 Matthew wants all major employers in West Yorkshire to partner with more schools and colleges so that young people are learning about the world of work and being trained in the skills they need to gain a job. Do you support this?
1.12 Matthew has said publicly he would not support a congestion charge for West Yorkshire. Do you agree with him?
1.13 Matthew would like to see bus services improved so people are better connected to local centres and services. Do you agree?